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Bridging the Divide 2019


Bridging the Divide 2019

Enhancing Community Impact and Engagement in Suicide Prevention

2019 Bridging the Divide: Suicide Awareness and Prevention Summit
September 27, 2019 8 am - 4 pm
Venue: Drake Centre 802 W. Drake St. Fort Collins, CO 80526


8:00am- Registration Opens

8:30am- Welcome to Bridging the Divide

8:45am- Morning Keynote Presentation with Bart Andrews

10:15am- Break

10:30am- Morning Panel Presentations (two options)

  • Engaging in a Shared Protective Factor Approach to Prevent Suicide within Your Community
  • Engaging with the Community to Prevent Firearms Suicide

11:45am- Break/Transition to Lunch

12:15pm- Awards

12:30pm- Lunch Keynote with Chris Jachimiec

2:00pm- Break

2:15pm- Afternoon Panel Presentations (two options featuring our keynote presenters as panelists)

  • How Local Suicide Prevention Coalitions Engage and Impact Their Communities
  • Learning About Surviving from the Experts

3:30pm- Closing and Thank You

Panel Discussions:


I: Engaging in a Shared Protective Factor Approach to Prevent Suicide within Your Community

Abstract: Most suicide prevention strategies focus on supporting individuals in crisis, but a comprehensive approach requires efforts that help create healthy, thriving and resilient communities.  Where we live, work, learn and play determines nearly 80 percent of our health.  Research shows that focusing on protective factors such as economic stability and supports, behavioral health, positive social norms and connectedness can reduce the onset of suicidal behavior and have the broadest impact on preventing multiple forms of violence.  This panel will feature successful community-led efforts in Colorado to end hunger and increase economic supports, fund responsive behavioral healthcare and promote positive social norms, and increase connectedness through service to others. 

II: Engaging with the Community to Prevent Firearms Suicide

Abstract: In Colorado, a record 1,181 people died by suicide in 2017, and about half involved firearms. What's more, nearly 80% of firearm deaths in Colorado were suicides. Those astounding statistics make it clear: If we want to prevent suicide, we're going to have to talk about firearms. We will discuss stories of lived experience revealing the personal impact of firearm suicides within Colorado, promising approaches to engage communities in our state, and highlight the collaborative approach we are taking in Colorado to bring the public health, suicide prevention, and firearms communities together.


I: How Local Suicide Prevention Coalitions Engage and Impact Their Communities

Abstract:  Prevention coalitions are a collaborative, community based approach to decreasing suicide. Hear from experts throughout Colorado on the role coalitions play to provide a strong safety throughout our state. Topics explored include how to join or start a coalition, community benefits, and the impact on at risk populations. Panelist come from Thriving Communities Programs Supervisor at San Juan Basin Public Health, Imagine Zero in Northern CO, Catalively in the Denver Metro area and Military Veteran run and created initiatives.

II: Learning About Surviving from the Experts: Incorporating the Expertise and Stories of Loss Survivors and Individuals with Lived Experience in Suicide Prevention Efforts

Abstract:This panel will focus on survivors: suicide loss survivors, suicide attempt survivors, and family members of suicide attempters. Panel members will share their personal experiences, and how their experience has driven their efforts of suicide prevention in their communities.


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