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Regional Liaisons

Regional Liaisons are a team of individuals in different parts of the state who help SPCC spread the word about issues that affect suicide prevention locally and statewide. With this coordinated effort, our advocacy efforts are able to be even more effective. Regional Liaisons:

  • Increase public awareness of suicide as a public health problem;
  • Promote local, state, and federal policies and programs that prevent suicide;
  • Disseminate information regarding SPCC and other suicide prevention organizations’ activities;
  • Build partnerships with other local suicide prevention and mental health agencies, governments, media and other organizations with a stake in public health;
  • Bring the subject of suicide out in the open;
  • Recruit other advocates'
  • Give a voice to suicide survivors.

The Regional Liaisons team is an important and effective way to dramatically alter the course of legislative decisions through the provision of information to local policymakers. 

Call 720-352-7505 or email  info@suicidepreventioncolorado.org for more information.

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