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Section 1: Resources for Educators


  • Teenage Health Teaching Modules produced by the Education Development Center (EDC), Teenage Health Teaching Modules is a comprehensive school health curriculum for grades 6 through 12.

  • At-Risk for High School Educators and At-Risk for Middle School Educators are research-proven online, interactive gatekeeper training simulation designed to prepare high school teachers and staff to: (1) recognize when a student is exhibiting signs of psychological distress, and (2) manage a conversation with the student with the goal of connecting them with the appropriate school support service.

  • Suicide Prevention among LGBT Youth: A Workshop for Professionals Who Serve Youth by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center provides all the materials necessary to host a workshop to help staff in schools, youth-serving organizations, and suicide prevention programs take action to reduce suicidal behavior among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth. It includes a Leader’s Guide, sample agenda, PowerPoint, sample script, handouts, and small group exercises

  • Making Educators Partners in Suicide Prevention, is a free, interactive-series designed to be completed at the viewer's own pace. It provides two hours of professional development credit to New Jersey educators but is open to anyone who is interested in reviewing current strategies for youth suicide prevention in schools.

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